Healing by divine guidance
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Saturday, 02 July 2011 04:50


Quranic healing can complement modern medicine.

TODAY, I continue sharing with you about the healing work of Tuan Haji Lokman, Quranic healer and founder of Perubatan Syifa Al-Hidayah in Selangor. His story is a good guide for those who would like to become healers themselves. Please refer to the previous article (Quranic healers, Fit4Life, Dec 20, 2009) for the introduction about him.

While there are many other Quranic healers around, I am most fascinated by him because he can accurately “scan” his patients to confirm their ailments, and to see the relative importance of the spiritual versus physical components of the maladies. He then prescribes Quranic verses for each patient.

While there are “healing verses” useful for everyone, he also receives Divine Guidance during the consultation as to which other verses to prescribe to the patient.

While many forms of faith healing involve spirits or jinns to assist in the treatment, his method is strictly by Divine Guidance; and the Quranic verses, selawat (salutations to the Prophet) and supplications as medicine.

He did not receive the healing gift all at once. It came gradually as he persisted on religious duties and devotional acts. In particular, he would receive further empowerment each time he returns from the Hajj or Umrah (minor Hajj). His diagnosis and treatment became more refined, accurate, and effective.

Some of the patients I describe below are featured in the documentary series Syifa, shown every Saturday at 7.30pm on Astro 106 from Dec 26, 2009, (13 episodes). As some of the patients do not want their identities to be known, I will only refer to them by their initials.

Most of the patients came to him only after medical treatment had not given satisfactory results. Some continue with their medical treatments concurrently, while others totally switched to his Quranic healing method. However, he never says that medical treatment is unnecessary.

I have described a wide range of ailments helped by Quranic healing. Actually any ailment can be helped, since we believe that God is the ultimate healer, and he can decide to cure every disease and every ailment. The human healer is only his instrument.

Brain tumour

ZZ had undergone radiotherapy for a brain tumour but it didn’t completely disappear. So she decided to seek Tuan Haji Lokman’s help. After about one year of Quranic healing, the brain scan showed that the tumour had disappeared.

Breast cancer

AI had breast cancer, and was undergoing diagnostic tests at the hospital when she was brought to see him. Even before the doctors told her the extent of her cancer, he “scanned” her and correctly told her the stage of her cancer, and advised her to agree to the medical therapies, while concurrently following his Quranic healing prescription.

It is still too early to claim a cure, as it is still less than five years since treatments began, but whatever is the outcome of her condition, Puan AI shared that she immediately felt comforted and peaceful once she recited the verses prescribed for her.

Intestinal obstruction

FA suffered from chronic intestinal obstruction that caused her abdomen to become grossly swollen. Conservative medical treatment failed to solve the problem and her doctors told her she needed surgery. After several months of Quranic healing, she was completely cured.

Ovarian cysts

SM had ovarian cysts, confirmed by her doctor, and was advised surgery. Instead she opted for Quranic healing, and the cysts disappeared after several months.

Slipped disc

AL suffered from multiple slipped discs (L2 to S1). He had pain and numbness below the waist, and limped badly. He was advised surgery, but chose to try Quranic healing. The progress was slow and steady, and he is now able to walk normally with no pain or numbness anymore.

Female infertility

Seven years after her first child was born, SS still failed to conceive in spite of medical treatment. After a year of Quranic healing, she conceived, and has since given birth to her second child.


ML suffered from severe depression since his student days. He suffered for nine years, and was almost completely cured of this problem after patiently undergoing Quranic healing for two years.

A word of caution

While I am all for the freedom of choice for patients to seek whatever form of treatment to relieve them of their ailments, that choice must be a well-informed choice, and should ideally also be confirmed by other methods. The diagnosis must be accurate, and modern medicine is still the gold-standard for accurate diagnosis, although that is not saying that all medical diagnoses are 100% accurate (recently a woman in Indonesia was sued by a hospital because she exposed the fact that the doctors there misdiagnosed and treated her for dengue, when she actually had mumps).

I would advise that patients always seek medical confirmation of whatever diagnosis given by alternative/complementary health practitioners. I also advise to seek medical opinion on therapy, before deciding which one to choose.

If there are safe, effective, proven treatments (by medical or non-medical methods), then these should be the preferred choice. When it comes to “proven” treatments, most are only found within the ambit of modern medicine, due to the stringent scientific tests required before any treatment is accepted as proven.

However, the fact remains that people are flocking to alternative/complementary therapies because modern medicine does not have satisfactory answers for many of our health problems. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a market for such therapies.

If non-medical treatment is chosen, the progress of the condition should be confirmed by a medical doctor. For example, a quack healer may mislead a patient into thinking that his cancer is disappearing when actually it is spreading even further. Such a case was told to me during an oncology conference in Kota Bharu two years ago.

I have always harped on the terrible side-effects and poor results of many cancer treatments, even though the future does look bright with cancer genomics and cancer stem-cell therapy being some of the new frontiers.

Likewise, I do not think that the current medical model of maintaining patients with hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc, on drugs for life is the ideal situation, when we should be looking for curative solutions – i.e. that restore the patients to normal health without being drug-dependent.

However, for that to happen, the patients themselves must also be disciplined in living a healthy lifestyle (including maintaining the ideal weight and adequate exercise) and a healthy diet (and nutritional supplements if necessary). That may not be possible for everyone, but it has been possible for many who are committed to regain their health.

And until we find safe, curative solutions for most diseases, the patients will continue to seek alternative/complementary therapies, including faith healing and Quranic healing.

Source: thestar

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