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Art of Healing by DR AMIR FARID ISAHAK

Showcasing local Quranic healers, some who are well known personalities in their own right.

IN Quranic healing (Fit4Life, Sept 6, 2009) I described the use of Quranic verses for the healing of physical, psychological, and spiritual illnesses, and mentioned Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ayed, a Saudi Quranic healer. Today I will share with you about the work of our local Quranic healers.

Darussyifa (Abode of Healing)

sf_11drharonPerhaps the most famous local Quranic healer is Datuk Dr Haron Din, founder of Darussyifa. He is a respected Islamic scholar and former professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is affectionately called Ustaz or Tuan Guru Dr Haron Din and has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, including the rich and famous.

He is a household name among the Malays, having practised Quranic faith healing for over 40 years. He has trained many students, some of whom have themselves become accomplished healers. They have established Darussyifa branches in major towns of most states, and continue to expand as the number of people seeking their help keep on rising. Some of them do combine their Quranic healing with traditional healing methods or natural medicines.

Even at his centre (in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor), most of the time, the patients are attended to by his assistants and students because he is too busy with other commitments. He is now also the deputy supreme leader of PAS (Islamic party). Those who insist on seeing him will have to wait until he is available, and then they may have to wait hours for their turn on the appointed day because there will be two hundred others waiting in line.

They will have to go in the early morning (some arrive as early as 2am, even though the counter only opens at 6.30am, after the Suboh prayers) and collect their queue numbers, and only the first 200 gets to see him. The rest will be attended by his assistants. Sometimes, the number of patients approach 1,000!

Such was the situation many years ago when I accompanied a friend who was undergoing treatment with him. As usual, the healing centre was crowded with people from all over the country. Because of the sheer numbers, each patient only had several minutes of his attention, and several patients had to be in the consultation room at the same time.

So I was able to observe many patients being treated, mostly victims of black magic. I observed at close hand tiny pieces of glass coming out from several of the patients (the glass splinters dropped onto sheets of newspaper placed below them as they knelt on the floor with their torso held up by their arms). They were victims of “santau” (distant poisoning by black magic).

When the victims were possessed, there would be a minor commotion as the Tuan Guru or his assistants grappled with the jinns or devils. To cater for this, the centre now has a sound-proof padded room (called the “ICU” – intensive care unit!) to treat the troublesome ones who would otherwise cause havoc in a crowded situation.

While he is a “specialist” in exorcism and can communicate with jinns and devils, he also treats those with physical and psychological illnesses, because many actually have a spiritual basis, and therefore, a spiritual solution to their problems.

Healing water

sf_11waterWater plays a central role in Quranic faith healing. Every patient is required to bring drinking water to be blessed with healing verses and supplications by the healer. The healing will then continue as long as the patient continues to drink the “medicinal” water.

In Malaysia, it is common practice for Muslims to bring water to be similarly blessed during special occasions whenever Quranic verses (especially Surah Yaasiin) or supplications are read. If the zam-zam water (from the well below the Kaabah in Mecca) is used, then the healing effect will be more powerful as the zam-zam water itself has spiritual and healing properties.

Some may doubt all this claim about water acquiring healing power after having Quranic verses and supplications read over them, but the work of Dr Emoto (author of The Secret Life of Water and several other books on the magical properties of water) has shed some scientific evidence that positive words, classical music, melodic songs, and prayers do change the molecular structure of water, causing them to form beautiful ice crystals when frozen and observed under the microscope.

In contrast, water exposed to bad words, rock music, and anything negative formed “dirty” or cluttered ice patterns.

Syifa Al-Hidayah (Healing from Divine Guidance)

Tuan Haji Lokman is a senior manager in his late forties. He is a devoted family man, and one of his daughters is a medical doctor. Another daughter is pursuing a doctorate degree, her research being on ovarian cancer.

His story began about 10 years ago when he had an intense urge to learn Quranic healing. He is largely self-taught, being guided through inspiration, after doing much prayer and other acts of worship.

At the age of 40, he had his first “patient” when he successfully healed his aged mother’s arthritic knees. Since then he gained confidence and began treating others who needed help, until word spread around and it became necessary to establish a healing centre. Thus Perubatan Syifa Al-Hidayah was founded.

This healing gift came after much sincere devotion to God. He did the optional daily prayers, tahajjud (very early morning prayer), qiyamulail (praying and supplicating through the night till morning), and optional fasting regularly. He also went for Hajj, and goes for Umrah (minor pilgrimage) almost every year.

Apart from all these devotional acts, he says that if you want to be a healer, you must have a pure heart filled with love, compassion and forgiveness. And when you pray, you must listen to your own prayers!

He was initially given this healing gift after he returned from the second Umrah in 1999. The gift was given gradually and every time after performing the Hajj or Umrah, there was something new in his healing approach or some new healing verses (from the Quran) were given to him. The advancements made the healing treatment more efficient or simpler to do.

He divides illnesses into 3 types – spiritual, physical and moral. Reflecting on the surge in maladies faced by the society today, he says that the most frequent major sin is fornication, especially among the younger generation. And the situation is getting worse.

If we were to survey the media today, we cannot disagree with him. This has a tremendous effect on the psycho-spiritual well being of the society, as widespread sinning means the society is spiritually weak and becomes terribly susceptible to attacks by jinns and devils. The psycho-spiritual illness will manifest in physical disease in some way, and that is how physical diseases can be treated by spiritual means. No wonder the “bomohs” and faith healers are even busier than the doctors.

This is of course a religious/spiritual “diagnosis” of the prevailing situation, which modern science and modern medicine will not comprehend or accept!

Although, God-willing, all problems can be solved, he cannot help those who do not want to help themselves, because the patient’s own effort is important. In the Qur’an, God says that He will only help those who help themselves. According to him, it is also important that the patient believes in the miraculous healing power (mukjizat) of the Quran.

The healing session begins with him “scanning” the patient to ascertain the nature of their problem. If it is physical, then he will also instruct the patient to seek medical treatment, while he tries the Quranic way. He would pray for God’s healing, and prescribes appropriate healing verses to the patients to recite on their own. For each illness, specific verses of the Quran will be prescribed, to be recited by the patient every day for a specified duration. Most importantly, the patient must continually seek God’s help to heal the illness.

If necessary, he would do “symbolic” surgery (no actual cutting involved). Medicinal honey may be given as well. He does not use any spirits or jinns to assist in the treatment. Healing is possible purely through Divine Guidance, and the Quranic verses.

Over the years he has helped patients with a whole range of problems, including many types of cancer, heart disease, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease, SLE, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, male and female infertility, and many more.

Some of the patients will be featured in a TV documentary series to be aired Saturday evenings for 13 episodes starting 26 Dec 2009 (“Syifa” on Astro Oasis channel 106 at 730pm), with comments from medical doctors.

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