"Anak Kuching"
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 12:36
Last Saturday, a small helpless anak kucing was locked in the clinic without us realizing it. That night the small kitten must have cried her hearts out and it caught the attention of an old Chinese man desperately wants to help the small helpness kitten, worrying the kitten will die if not being let out soonest.
The Chinese man was so desperate, he called every name that was listed on the notice board outside our clinic. Somehow he manage to contact and spoke to our representative in Kota Bharu. alhamdulillah  syukur to Allah, our good friend in KB,sms me early Sunday morning abt the little kitten, and we manage to get him out of the office by 10 am that Sunday morning. We save the life of the little kitten. to the old Chinese man and our rep in KB, thank you for saving the kitten. Even though it is just a small kitten, some people can go all out to help save the life of the kitten. There is a moral to this story hanya Allah tahu hati seseorang walaupun dia bukan orang islam.
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